This is Why Emotions Are Important In Communication. Hello everyone, my name is Samuel Balaoro, and welcome to the BE Mindset, a place for future leaders and personal development. If you are new here, follow us on Instagram for updates on new events happening in The BE Mindset community. This is the first part of our new topic, Emotions Month. This will be a time for us to develop ourselves internally.

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  If you know us by now, you know that we are all about self-growth here in The BE Mindset community. We have talked about many traits to have to show maturity, but if you have not taken anything from those topics, then all you have to do is focus on this one. We are talking about emotional maturity. This trait is so important that we have given a month just to talk about this one topic. We want you to balance your emotions, so first we will discuss the good reasons for using your emotions.

What are emotions?

What are emotions?

  In scientific terms, “Emotions are biological states associated with the nervous system brought on by neurophysiological changes variously associated with thoughts, feelings, behavioral responses, and a degree of pleasure or displeasure.”. When we describe emotions, we place them with our mood and personality. It can be expressed consciously and subconsciously.

  A research done by Berkeley College found that we actually have 27 categories of emotions. With this many emotions, it is important to know how and when to use them. Even when it comes to communication, we need to know how to use our emotions.

The Importance of Communication

The Importance of Communication

  If you have been subscribed to our newsletter (if you have not, then please subscribe), then you know how much we talk about the importance of communication. No matter how much you want to believe that you can handle being alone, the reality is that we are social creatures. Communication is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

  Just like everything else in this world, the way we communicate is changing with the times. How we communicate today is different than how our parents and grandparents communicated during their times. Many like to believe that we should forget the old ways and focus on new ways. However, there are some things that should not be forgotten. What should always stick with communication is emotions.

Why Emotions Are Important In Communication

Why Emotions Are Important In Communication

  Now we do not think emotions should fully control the way we communicate. There should be a balance with how we use our emotions and we will be going over that during the next coming weeks. This does not mean we should remove our emotions entirely. Here is why emotions are important for communicating.

1. It allows us to express ourselves.

  Here is the obvious reason why you should have emotions in communicating. Like what we have said earlier, emotions are placed with our mood and personality. It is what allows us to stand out from everyone else.

  Maybe you are an energetic person. Most likely, the way you communicate will have a lot of joy and excitement. At the same time, if you are a serious person, you might have the passion and a little anger in the way you communicate. When you are communicating with the right emotions, you will elevate yourself a lot higher than if you were to use the wrong emotions. Use the emotions that are natural for you to see better results.

2. It gives others an understanding.

  Having emotions in your communication allows other people to understand what you are trying to convey. Most importantly, it allows others to remember what you have said.

  Think of the difference between listening to your college professor and your church pastor. Your college professor might be teaching in a monotone voice, reading off what they are teaching, and not really caring if you fall asleep or not. Then you see your church pastor preach with power and passion. He applies different emotions in his message to get it stuck in our heads. Even though we said earlier to use your natural emotions, learn how to implement other emotions as well.

3. It makes people relate.

  This can correlate with the last point. When you add the last point to this point, you create an emotional connection between you and the ones listening to you. Think of how your parents communicate with you. They do not really need to do these last two points because there already is an emotional connection between you guys, so it will be easier to communicate.

  Now if we were to use strangers as an example, think of people like rising artists, YouTubers, or any life storytellers. Think of your favorite characters from your favorite tv shows and movies. They imply emotions in what they say and do, which makes you feel like you can relate to them. People will want to listen to you more if you can be relatable. This is why testimonials are very powerful because it shares relatability to the listeners. Just keep your eyes open to your audience to read the kinds of emotions they are attracting in order for them to relate to you.

4. It creates opportunities to be heard.

   The last three points all come down to this. When you have emotions in your communication, you create opportunities for more people to listen to you. Just like the example earlier, you probably would not want to listen to your college professor because of the lack of emotions in the way they teach. Yet if you think about famous people, you would rather listen to them.

  Sure you can say their actions are what brought them there, but that is the beauty of communicating. It comes in various ways other than speech. Then when you include emotion to the mix, you will see an array of colors in your communication. This is why more people will want to see this. Having these emotions can reach out to others and create ways for you to be heard.

Something to Remember

Something to Remember

  There is power in having emotions in communicating. However, it is never good to do too much. You can reach a certain point where you will lose that connection with your listeners. There should be a balance with your emotions. We will go deeper into this topic later throughout the next couple of weeks, so if you have not yet, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram for updates on when a new article is released.



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  One of the strongest emotions is happiness. Luckily for you, we have already talked about it and you can read it over here. Also, we have been more on LinkedIn now, so if you would like to connect with us, then follow us there on LinkedIn at The BE Mindset Group. If you made it this far, share to us how you use your emotions when you are communicating in the comments section below. This is The BE Mindset Group and always remember to be alive, be free, be happy, be you.




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