Try Something New or Stay Fearful

  Try Something New or Stay Fearful. Hello everyone, my name is Samuel Balaoro and welcome to the BE Mindset, a place for future leaders and personal development. If you’re new here, follow us on Instagram for updates on new events happening in The BE Mindset community. We always get a rush from trying something new. Today we will be talking deep into this topic.



  Trying something new can have many benefits. It gives a rush physically, mentally, and emotionally. Of course, it isn’t good if you’re going to try something bad. In general, we need to try something new. We’ll talk about why and trying something new that you are afraid of.

Why Do We Try Something New?

1. We try something new because the feeling excites us.

  Debbie Hampton from The Best Brain Possible spoke of how happiness stimulates the “feel good” chemicals in our bodies. Some of those chemicals include dopamine and endorphins. Those are the same chemicals that are stimulated from exercise, eating chocolate, and other pleasurable activities. What more of when we are excited?

  Excitement can make your blood rush. Remember the time when you were a kid and your parents told you everyone is going to Disney World tomorrow? You know you haven’t been there before and you always wanted to go there, so you try to go to sleep. I said “try” because you know you can’t sleep. Your excitement keeps your mind awake and it’s an amazing feeling.

2. We try something new because we want to be better people.

  A reason why we choose to try something new is that we want to grow as people. Alison Pearce Stevens from Science News for Students talks about how learning rewires the brain.

  Receiving new information stimulates our brains. At first, we do not understand the new information we are taking in. This is why we don’t remember the first time we’re trying to learn something new. However, as we keep on putting the same new information in our heads, we eventually learn from it and our brains become accustomed to it. The new information eventually becomes new knowledge, and as we receive more knowledge, we become better than who we were before.

3. We try something new because we are not satisfied with who we currently are.

  This goes along with the one above. Yes, we want to grow as people, but the reason why we want to grow is that we are unsatisfied with who we currently are. The way we are today is not what we want to be for the rest of our lives. Of course, this doesn’t go for everyone, but usually, we want to grow because we believe there is something more for us.

  Now when I say this it doesn’t necessarily mean you don’t love yourself. You can love who you are right now, but as you love yourself, you begin to feel like you want something more. Being unsatisfied with who you are doesn’t mean you don’t love yourself. Neither does it mean you are ungrateful with what you have. What I am saying is that you can love yourself, you can be grateful, but there will always be a part of us that wants more and that’s okay.

Try Something We Are Fearful of

Try Something We Are Fearful of

  I was speaking of trying something new in general. Now I will speak of trying something we are afraid of. What’s the difference? It’s easier to put it this way, it’s because we don’t want to do it.

  You are probably thinking, “Why would I want to do something that I don’t want to do?” There are many benefits to doing this. Earlier I said we want to try something new because we want to grow as individuals. Well, trying something you are afraid of will make you grow at a faster rate. In one of my articles I wrote about the majority of our fear comes from what we do not know, so doing the thing you are afraid of will put everything in front of you to see and experience.

  Now, of course, you shouldn’t try something that’s a health risk. For example, if you never drank before and you’re being forced to do it but you are afraid of what it does to you, then don’t do it. The same goes for all forms of smoking and drugs. There are certain fears that should be calculated, while there are some that should just be done. So now we will talk about how to try something we are fearful of.

How to Try Something We Are Fearful of


1. Nike

  I said Nike because I don’t know if I’m allowed to write their motto without a lawsuit. All jokes aside, their motto makes sense in life. If you need a hint of their motto, it’s “just…”.

  I remember when I was joining my missionary program for my church. It’s a voluntary two-year program in my church where we get sent out of our homes to support the missionary journeys of our other churches in the USA. I know I wanted to go, but a part of me was still afraid. This will be the first time I move out of my home and out of California. I told this to a close friend of mine and I will never forget what he said to me. He told me, “You see the water, but you can’t see through it. Just have faith, put a foot in, and then jump.”

  Ever since that day, I took what he told me to heart and live my life that way. Of course, there are some things I am still afraid of, but I have gone through my other fears along the way. I wouldn’t say I overcame it, but I wouldn’t be as fearful if I go through it again. For example, I’m afraid of heights, but I experienced skydiving and I am down to do it again. Comment below if you want me to talk about those experiences and the things I’ve learned from them.

Calculate the Risks

2. Calculate the risks, but don’t think too much.

  This goes for certain fears that should be calculated. For example, the fear of starting a business. You should be wary of the risks, but you shouldn’t let the risks stop you from doing it. This goes the same for other things you are afraid of.

  Let’s take riding a rollercoaster for example. You may have watched those videos of rollercoasters flying off the rail and it adds on to your fear. However, if those videos are from a sketchy theme park and you are in Six Flags or Sea World, then be realistic with your calculations. If you are afraid because of the heights, realize that you will most likely be safe because there will always be a guard holding on to you. Know how to calculate the risks without bias on your fears.

Use Common Sense

3. Use common sense.

  There are certain fears that are easier to go through if you use basic common sense. As I brought it up, we have a biased judgment when it comes to things we are afraid of. We forget to use logical thinking and common sense. For example, we’re afraid to eat a vegetable we never tried before. Will you die from eating the vegetable? Most likely, you will not.

  Of course I am using an easier example for you to understand better. Just try to evaluate with your head instead of emotions. It may be hard at first, so if you need to, take around 24 hours to think about it. This amount of time will let the emotional thoughts get out first and the logical thoughts second.

Something to Remember

Something to Remember

  When you’re trying to do something you are really afraid of, realize what you are also doing. This thought to fight through your fear is a sign that you want to grow up stronger. When you realize this, pat yourself on the back because not everyone has the strength to do this. Most people let their emotions run their life. The moment you begin to think logically instead of emotionally is the moment when you are beginning to mature as an individual.



  Thank you for joining us today. If you want to see the article where I talk about fear, then click here. If you want to learn about making and taking opportunities, click here because we discussed this as well. Hopefully, after reading all this, you will try something new today that you were afraid of. If you are, comment below on what new thing will you try that you didn’t want to try before. This is the BE Mindset and always remember to be happy, be alive, be free, be you.


Alison Pearce Stevens

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