Three Parts For a Whole You

 How can we begin to change ourselves for the better? What does it take to begin? When do I know I’m ready to even try? All those answers will eventually be answered. First we need the general knowledge in order for us to begin. The main thing is this, there are three parts of you that needs to be worked on in order to start the process of change. Those parts being the spirit, the mind, and the body.

The One Whole Diagram

The picture above shows the diagram of this idea. I was taught this by a mentor of mine, but I’ve seen this from other people as well and I’m sure you’ve seen it before as well. But if you haven’t yet, let me explain what it means.


This is probably the most hardest for people to understand because there are some people who doesn’t believe in this. The spirit is in the center because it is the energy and driving force of every human. The Chinese call it “chi”, while people from India call it “chakra”. And for all the Star Wars fans, you call it “the force”. Well whatever you think of this you should know that it is there. It’s the life force that connects everyone in this world. Neglect it, and everything else will fall. The spirit is the foundation to making us whole.


This is a no-brainer (figuratively, not literally). Everyone knows that we need to work on our minds. Wisdom and knowledge is what’s needed in order for us to grow. The way we receive that is through learning and education. I won’t go deep in this here, but I will address how to practice it in my revised diagram.


This is another one I won’t really go too deep in to. Everyone knows they need to work the physical self. That means you should have a proper eating lifestyle and a good workout. I didn’t bother using the words “diet” or “routine” because those are all temporary. If you want to have a better body you need to change to a healthier lifestyle, which starts with better habits (we can discuss habits in a later blog).

Now this diagram is good so people can understand easier. However, the way most people practice this is that they try to work on their spirit first, then their mind, and finally their body. I don’t really see that as realistic. So I made a revised version of the diagram.

The One Whole Diagram (Revised)

I know it’s everything in one circle, but hear me out. I still believe that the spirit is the most important of the three, which is why it’s still in the middle. But everything is connected to one another, leaving the mind and body interchangeable. This means if you want to work your mind more then you have to work your body as well, and vice versa.

Let’s use a heartbreak after a break up for example. Your spirit stays low for awhile, then something from within tell you, “You know what, enough is enough.” What do most people do after a break up? They usually start going to the gym. Then as they go to the gym, their spirit begins to build up again. Later on, they decide to educate themselves by learning new things that they’ve been wanting to do. Next thing you know they begin to change the way they eat, then they become more productive learning new things along the way, all while the fire of their spirit grows bigger and bigger. But this is just an example for you to understand the diagram.

Now you know the three parts that makes a whole you. It’s important to know this so you can evaluate yourself and see which part do you need to work on more. The good thing about joining us here is that we’ll be discussing many ways to develop these parts in us. From prayer and meditation, self education and reading books, and healthy eating habits and good workouts. For all these things and more, you have come to the right place. I hope you join us in this journey and become a better you.

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