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  Hey, guys welcome to the BE Mindset, a place for everyone to learn and grow. My name is Samuel Balaoro, and if you are new here, thank you for joining today. If you didn’t know I live in Florida, but last week I visited my family in California. I was there for my church retreat, and while I was there I got to reflect on some things. For one, which we’ll be talking about here today, was the power of storytelling and telling your story.


  We all know a good story or two. A good story we’ve read, seen, or listened to can move us. We are moved through the different emotions brought out from the one telling the story. A story can bring out a feeling of happiness, sadness, love, or hatred. This goes for our lives as well. We know that our lives are stories, yet we all have different ways interpreting it.


  The way we see our story is based off of our perception of it. Sure there are outside forces along with our story, but in the end we have the choice on how we will tell it. For example, let’s say your crush. To other people, they might see all the negatives about them. You on the other hand will see the positives about them. In reality, some of both sides may be true or not, positive or negative. The way you’ve judged them was based on your own perception of them.

  Same concept applies to ourselves. The funny thing is that it’s easier for us to perceive other people’s lives more than our own. What makes it worse is when we do look at our own lives, we just decide that’s the story we have to live by. It’s great to read our own story, but don’t forget that if we don’t like a certain part of the story we can also change it. Yes there are some parts where we cannot change the story, but for the parts where we can, do something about it instead of just following it.


  Self-reflection is the best way to look at your story. You’ll get to look on what has been happening in your life story. You’ll see the things you like, dislike, love, and hate. To make things better, write it all down on a piece of paper or a journal. Someplace where you can always look at it.

  Ask yourself, “Am I willing to tell my story to the world?” If you’re not satisfied with the things you have written, then write a plan to start working on them. I suggest start with one first and work on it little by little. If you work on them too fast you will get burnt out. Changing yourself takes time and a lot of patience.

  Once you feel like you like your story, then retell your story to others. Now you’re probably thinking, “Sam, I don’t care what others think about me. I only care about how I see myself.” It’s good that you have confidence in yourself now, but if no one knows how you are now they may still look at you on how you were. For example, people might look at you as a bad guy. Now you might actually be a good guy, but because everyone still sees you as a bad guy, they still treat you like one. Even if you’re not affected by it, it’ll still influence other things around you that you do care about.


  Learn how to tell a story because there is power in storytelling. Especially in telling your own story. When you’re telling your story, you need to know how to not only say it but show it as well. Everyone knows the saying, “Talk the talk, and walk the walk.” You need to become a performer of your own story. What I love about dancing is that you can tell a story without the need of saying anything, just your movements with the music. Your story can really be captivating if your actions correlate with what you’re saying. You can’t say things and not have anything to prove it. Tell your story through both mouth and movement, and everyone will watch to see what will happen next.


  There is power in telling a story. It can move us based on what the teller is portraying. It also affects the perception of the story. All the more when we tell our story. Our story is based on how we view ourselves. Eventually, what we view in ourselves, other people will see it too. So if we don’t like how our story is going, we need to rewrite certain parts. Once we like the story we’re looking at, we should tell that new story of ours and show to others the changes made. A captivating story will not only change ourselves but those around us as well.

  Thank you for joining us. If you haven’t yet, please join the BE Community. This is a place for everyone to learn and grow within themselves. I will be sharing new lessons every Friday. I am Samuel Balaoro and remember to be alive, be happy, be free, be you.


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