Should You Follow Your Passion & Purpose?

  Hello everyone, I am Samuel Balaoro and welcome to The BE Mindset. I remembered when I was younger I asked businessmen and entrepreneurs the things I should do when starting my own business. They all had similar and different answers, but the one thing none of them can agree on is whether or not to follow their passion. Another thing is that only some of them talk about following your purpose. So today we will be talking about the ideas of passion and purpose, along with whether or not we should follow it.


  Before we talk about whether or not we should follow our passion/purpose, let’s define what these words even mean. Passion means a strong liking or desire for or to some activity, object, or concept. For example, music might be your passion or sports because these are the things you give your time into. Purpose means the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. An example of this is like believing your purpose in life is to help people find ways to make their lives easier.

Difference Between Passion and Purpose

  Reading those two makes it seem similar to each other. The difference between the two is the reason. What do I mean by this? Passion is you, the person, giving that thing, idea, or activity reason and meaning. Purpose, on the other hand, gives the reason to you. So even though they have similar meanings, they can be separate from each other.

Should I Follow My Passion Or Purpose?

  Short answer: it depends. I think it’s great to follow your passion if it is aligned with your purpose. If you just try to follow your passion alone, you might not go far. But then again some people find their passion first before their purpose. So the best answer here is to self analyze your passion and find your purpose. Think of how far you can go with your passion. For example, if your passion is basketball and you’re dream is to be in the NBA, but you’re 5’2, it’s probably best to leave it as a dream.

  It’ll be better if you can find your purpose early on. Reflect on your life and see where it is leading you. It’s great if your purpose and passion are connected. Having them together will mean you will have the drive to accomplish it along with the universe working with you. It will not be easy to find your purpose, but you will know when it’s there because most likely it will come to you. Just open your eyes to see it happen in front of you.


  There’s always the question of following your passions or not. I think it’s okay to follow your passion if you can see yourself realistically living it, but you have to reflect a lot on yourself to know the truth. It’s even better if you have your passion aligned with your purpose. With your purpose guiding you in life, and your passion driving you to push through, it’ll make life easier for you to follow it in good and bad times. Thank you for joining us here. Follow us here, and if you have questions, please send us an email or DM on social media. I am Samuel Balaoro and remember to be alive, be free, be happy, be you.

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