Love in The Time of Corona

Love in The Time of Corona

This is Love in The Time of Corona. Hello everyone, I am Samuel Balaoro, and welcome back to The BE Mindset Group. If you are new here, please subscribe to our newsletter where, every Sunday, we talk about everything from personal development, career opportunities, and entrepreneurship. 2020, and even today, has been a challenging time for love. Vaccines are finally being released, but we still cannot be nonchalant with our safety. This time is still part of, “Love in The Time of Corona”.

However, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and most of us want to show our love to the people we care about. So how can we show our love in the time of Corona?

Showing Our Love in The Time of Corona

Long Distance Love in The Time of Corona

First, I’ll cover the safest couples who are showing love in the time of Corona. Although this is the safest, it’s also the hardest. Being long-distance was hard enough already and now you’re limited to how you can visit each other in person. If you do decide to meet up with your significant other, make sure to practice all of the current safety procedures.

Gift Giving

This is an obvious one because you’ll assume this is the only way to show your love in the time of Corona. However, what you’ll see in a bit is that there are other things you can do as well. This is the time to give something your significant other would want.

Don’t stress yourself about the gift too much. If it’s the money you’re worried about, try to find alternatives to the gift. Maybe you can find a sale or discount as well. But as I said, don’t stress about it too much because gift-giving is only a small portion of the bigger picture. If the person truly loves you, then it wouldn’t really matter what you decide to give to them. Of course, you should show effort as well, but give from the heart and not from the material itself. 

Have a Virtual Date

A popular one most people have been doing to show their love in the time of Corona is to have a virtual date. Yes, it’ll never beat a real date, but it’s still worth trying out.

You guys can both order food from the same restaurant. It’s quite easy to do this now because of the many food delivery apps available. Tell the other person to open the gift you’ve sent during the date. Both of you can even go the extra mile and decorate your places to look similar to one another. Do everything you must in order to feel like you guys are actually with each other.

Close Love in The Time of Corona

If you live close with your significant other or you’re long-distance and you’ve decided to meet with each other, the most important thing you always have to remember is safety first. Don’t forget to wear your masks when you’re out in public and keep your distance from other people. It’s easier now to give your gifts, but here are other ideas you can try out to show love in the time of Corona.

Have a Backyard Date

For most restaurants, you can only pick up food. Some offer patio diners, but here’s another cool idea if you want to be a little romantic. Set up the backyard and make it look fancy. In reality, you can design the backyard however you want it to look. You can transform it into a fancy restaurant, a warm cafe, an open bar, whatever mood you want to set. 

It will take a lot of effort, but it can be seen as extra points if you’re a couple who’s into these kinds of things. It shows that you have a heart and that all you really care about is to just be in the moment with your significant other.

Look For a Nice View

Now, if the one we’ve mentioned above is too much, here’s an easier one to accomplish. Have a date at a place with a nice view. Maybe have a picnic on the mountainside or even at the park. There shouldn’t be any problem with this as long as there’s hardly anyone around or you’re just by yourselves.

This is great, especially if you just enjoy the places you already have around you. You can enjoy the fresh air and have intimacy with the person you’re with. The importance is in social distancing when you express love in the time of Corona.


As much as we want to express our love like how we used to do things, we cannot because of the time we’re living in. Even if they’re finally releasing the vaccine, it’ll still take more years for everything to be back to normal. That doesn’t mean we have to stop loving. This era has taught us new ways to express our love and shows that even if there’s a pandemic, love will always push through. This is the truth of expressing love in the time of Corona.

Thank you for spending time with us today. Hopefully, this gave you quick ideas on how you can show your love in the time of Corona. If you liked what you saw here, then subscribe to our newsletter, where we talk more in-depth about building relationships and personal development. Also, comment below on how you are expressing your love during our current time. We love to see what you’ve done to express your love in a passionate and safe way. This is The BE Mindset Group, and always remember to be alive, be happy, be free, be you.

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