How to Strengthen Our Integrity

  This is How to Strengthen Our Integrity. Hello everyone, my name is Samuel Balaoro and welcome to the BE Mindset, a place for future leaders and personal development. If you’re new here, follow us on Instagram for updates on new events happening in The BE Mindset community. It’s been a while since we were first ordered to stay at home. Everyone thought they can handle staying at home, but later realizing they can’t. This goes for both lazy and productive people.



  We are social creatures. We were meant to connect to other human beings. A study done in The US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health states that “humans need others to survive and prosper.” What makes this even harder is that everyone is going through different kinds of hardships. We either have families who caught the sickness, have the sickness ourselves, or are going through financial trials. We are wondering how we will be able to pay for this month’s rent, have money for necessities, and so on.

  It won’t be surprising if some people went insane. The amount of isolation and hardships are continuing to build up. It adds stress, anxiety, and even depression. In most cases, we are on the verge of insanity. The only thing that is holding us to sanity is our integrity.

What Is Integrity?

What Is Integrity?

  Integrity is defined as, “The practice of being honest and showing a consistent and uncompromising adherence to strong moral and ethical principles and values.” As a Christian, we were taught of the life of Job. In The Bible, Job was known as a man who loves God and was given prosperity in his life. Now Satan made a bet with God, saying that Job only loves God because he is living prosperously. If that was taken away, then Job will curse Him.

  To make the long story short, God accepted the challenge and Satan took everything away from Job. He took away his riches, his family, and even his health. Yet through all this, Job never lost his love to God and remained humble through it all. The one thing he held on to was his integrity. So in the end, God gave him double what he lost and continued to live in prosperity again.

Why Do We Need to Have Strong Integrity?

Why Do We Need to Have Strong Integrity?

  We all like to talk about the power of will. But willpower alone cannot help without a foundation to stand on. That’s where our integrity comes in. The strength of our integrity determines how we choose to live our lives and what we choose to believe in. Think of it as personal laws that we decide to follow and live by.

How to Strengthen Our Integrity

Reflect On Our Beliefs

1. Reflect on our beliefs.

  In order for us to see the strength of our integrity, we have to first reflect on our beliefs. We must reevaluate our morals and ethics. There is a high chance that some of these beliefs were just given to us to believe. In most cases, it might come from your parents. I’m not saying their beliefs are bad, but it’s different once you choose to really believe in it.

  The first thing you should do is see your morals and ethics in front of you. Get a notebook or something like it and write down everything you believe in. Put clarity in the higher ones and make sure that they are worth believing in even when you’re facing death. If you don’t believe in those morals during a life or death situation, then what more during hardships? Our integrity was meant to be our pillars to support us, so if there are cracks in those pillars, then expect them to fall when the time comes.

Be Honest With Yourself

2. Be honest with yourself.

  This goes along with the first part. Holding on to our integrity means being honest with ourselves. This is the hardest thing for anyone to do. Being surrounded in a world of lies means that we have to live with some. But the moment you are lying to yourself is the moment you realize how hard it is to live with yourself.

  Accept everything about you. See all of your strengths and weaknesses. However, don’t bring yourself down either because you will hurt yourself even more. Realize that it’s okay to make mistakes. Do not blame yourself to it for too long and learn to grow from it. We all know the saying, “the truth will set you free”. But why wait for someone else to tell you when you can tell yourself.

Connect With The People Closest to You

3. Connect with the people closest to you.

  Finally, to strengthen integrity, we have connections with the ones closest to us. Once we reflect on our beliefs and be honest with ourselves, then we need to be open to people we hold dear to. This is great for two things. (1) They will learn and know how we are on our side. (2) We get the chance to socialize our truth to people other than ourselves.

  I’m not saying this part will be easy. In fact, it may be the hardest thing to do. There’s a high chance no one will understand you. But at the very least, you can feel relieved to at least being honest with them. However, don’t think that you are walking this path on your own. There are other people walking this path as well, so even when life gets tougher, do not think you’re fighting by yourself.


Things to Remember

  The strength of integrity can change the variable of how we live our lives. When it’s seen by other people, they may misinterpret that strength as pride. But while pride is built on a wall of lies, integrity is held onto truths. So whether someone agrees with you or not, they should at least respect you for standing your ground to the things you believe in. Once we learn how to respect ourselves through our integrity, then we can live through the trials in life and live to fight another day.



  Thank you for spending time with us. Once you strengthen your integrity and want to follow through on it, click here where I discussed following your passion and finding our purpose in life. If you haven’t yet, please follow us on Instagram to see everything else happening in the BE Mindset Community. Like this post and share it with a friend. Comment, “Holding On” and ask questions on what you want to see next. This is The BE Mindset Group and always remember to be alive, be happy, be free, be you.


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