How to Create Opportunities

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  Last week we talked about holding on to our integrity. Now we will talk about taking opportunities. As I said before, the strength of our integrity is the foundation for what we build on. Once that integrity is strengthened, then what? What comes next is to seize the opportunities given to us.

Why Can’t You Find Any Opportunities?

Why Can’t You Find Any Opportunities?

  First of all, if you believe opportunities are only given to those who are well off, this is not true. To believe opportunities are given by luck or fate, this isn’t true either. Even though I do believe in God, I think opportunities are open for everyone. The problem is not “why can’t you find an opportunity”, but instead “why aren’t you looking for an opportunity”. The truth is we aren’t working hard enough to look for it.

  I know most of you are probably upset with what I said. It’s easier to cry and get angry than to accept reality. Let’s look at the story of Chris Gardner for a moment. I bring him up because I’m sure everyone watched the movie, “The Pursuit of Happyness”. He was homeless with his son and they were always moving from place to place until finally he passed his internship and became a stockbroker. The real story of Chris Gardner is even harder than what the movie portrayed.


  The reason why Chris Gardner eventually succeeded is because he was hungry, both figuratively and literally. Famous speakers, like Tony Robbins and Eric Thomas, talk about hunger as a drive for us to succeed in what we want to achieve. What I find crazy is that people only give in to that hunger when they are in hardships they can no longer handle. Now I know there are real people out there going through real hardships and they are having a hard time getting out of it. However, I know this is not the case for a majority of the people blessed enough to at least have a place to stay.

  Most of us just have dramatic first world problems. Especially if you live in America, you have a higher chance of succeeding in life. What separates the successful from everyone else is their mindset and how they use their time. Instead of crying and complaining, they are using that time to work hard and create opportunities for themselves. So you do not need to be well off or “lucky” to receive opportunities. You just need to work hard, smart, and humbly to have opportunities come to you.

How to Create Opportunities

Opportunities Begin With Learning New Skills.

1. Opportunities Begin With Learning New Skills.

  Here in the BE Mindset I always speak about investing in yourself. The importance proves itself more when you want more opportunities in life. What are the things you are good at? Work harder on those things. Do you want to learn new skills? Invest your time on it and go through with it without stopping. I won’t go too deep on this because we always talk about it here, so we’ll talk about the next important thing to do.

Opportunities Won’t Show Itself If You Don’t Show Yourself First.

2. Opportunities Won’t Show Itself If  You Don’t Show Yourself First.

  All the work will mean nothing if you don’t even show it. How will anyone reach out to you? Think of this as making a resumé. That resumé shows all the good things about you, as well as all the skills you have. Once you make it, you send it to every job you’re applying to.

  In this day and age, you can do more than create a resumé. If you want to put yourself out there more, create a social media following of you doing what you’re good at. There are so many platforms for you to try, but I would suggest starting from a platform you are comfortable with. Each platform carries a certain demographic, so research as you go. Just remember it may take time, so be patient.

  Now if you want a chance at getting paid for what you do you can still use social media. If you want to be a freelancer, then try using LinkedIn. Or you can use freelancing sites like Upwork or Fiverr. Fiverr is more for quick freelancing jobs, while Upwork is more contract working. You still have to work your way to be discovered, so it’ll take time.

Opportunities Don’t Come All At Once, So Be Humble and Patient.

3. Opportunities Don’t Come All At Once, So Be Humble and Patient.

  I’ll feel bad if you thought that good things happen overnight. If it did, then everybody will do it. Unfortunately, life does not work that way. As we work, we have to wait for the opportunities to show itself. This is the part that not a lot of people like.

  This is what separates the successful from everyone else. They can all start the same way, but when life gets tough, successful people do not quit. They push through the hardships and find ways to put it in their favor. When you are doing this, you’ll still be living a hard life. All you got to do is to hold on and continue to grow while you wait for the opportunity to present itself.

  Why must we have humility in this? Simply put it, to remember who we are. Humility wasn’t only meant for the proud. It makes sure we’re all in check as humans. In a time of seeking opportunities, you can lose yourself as a person. So humble yourselves to help push through the waiting.

Something to Remember

Something to Remember

  When opportunities do finally come to you, know when to say yes or no. You’re probably surprised by what I just said. Why would I make this whole article about opportunities and say no when they do show up? When you’re doing the work, you are creating future opportunities to come to you. That means both good and bad opportunities will show up at your front door. When you see an opportunity in front of you, make sure you analyze it and feel it is the right one for you before you choose to accept it. The best opportunities come to those who were able to control themselves and say no to the okay ones.



  Thank you for joining us today. If you want to know what you should do at home, click here where we discussed it. Comment how you will create your opportunities in the comment section below. Share this with a friend and follow us on Instagram for more weekly updates. This is The BE Mindset and always remember to be alive, be happy, be free, be you.

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