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The BE Mindset is not only about a mindset, but a way of life. It was created to guide the mindset of people, primarily young adults, to living a life they want instead of living a life they believe they have no control over. Even though it seems like a motivation, we work into finding the roots of people’s problems and give advice and actionable steps to make real changes. Our goal is not for someone to believe they can make a difference, but know they CAN make a difference. This was intended to reach out to people who are looking for a way out of their current conditions and help them with the most important part within them, their mentality.

Life Verse

Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.

Job 8:7

Samuel James Estrada Balaoro

I, Samuel James Estrada Balaoro, am a professional digital marketer and the creator of The BE Mindset Group. Born and raised as the only child of my parents in the state of California, I grew up with a decent and comfortable life. My life was both enjoyable and humble. We were living in a small studio, surviving paycheck to paycheck, and knowing the lifestyle in California, it was getting harder for my family to live there. From the hard lifestyle, I learned to enjoy the little things in life, the things God already provided for us.

But I knew God gave me a vision that I was meant to do something far greater than my own life, I just didn’t know what that was yet. So in 2017 I voluntarily gave two years of my life in my church’s missionary program, supporting mission fields in different parts of America. I was able to be part of many community services, helping to build those communities through this program. And through the church, I was able to support different people in every aspect of their lives. It was because of these experiences that allowed me to realize what I believe I must do to help people with throughout the rest of my life.

As I am now a professional digital marketer who specializes in social media and content creation, I am now using my skills and knowledge to not only open opportunities for myself, but for everyone around me as well. I thank God for leading me to where I am today. I have worked hard to be here and I will continue to work hard to help people in becoming the best that they can be with the best of my abilities. This is my life. This is my purpose.


Help young adults achieve an independent life. Create future leaders to influence others around them. Guide people each step of the way in order for them to become versions of themselves. Love and be patient in order to build real relationships. Enjoy every part of life to what was, is, and is to come.

BE Mindset

  • Be
  • Alive
  • Free
  • Happy
  • You
  • God gave YOU the choice of who YOU want to BE.


  • Guide young adults who want to live a life of independence
  • Create future leaders on how to inspire others in their life
  • Provide support for people who wants to make a change
  • Learn more of what the world has to offer

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