Are You Bored? 6 Things to Do While You’re Stuck At Home

  Hello everyone, my name is Samuel Balaoro and welcome to the BE Mindset, a community for those who seek personal growth. If you are new here, then follow me on Instagram. Being stuck at home has been happening for a while now. Let’s be honest with ourselves, since the beginning of the quarantine, a majority of us were probably doing unproductive things. We’re either playing videogames, watching on Netflix or Disney+, sitting or laying down all day, eating bad and probably gained a few pounds. If you’re reading this then most likely you are probably bored with those things and are looking for something better to do.

  This list of things I will be sharing with you is more productive things that you can finally focus on now that the unproductive things are out of the way. Now I’ve split the list depending on the category they’re placed in. I’ve split them into 3 which is the spirit, mind, and body (it was the first article I wrote, so if you want to read about this, the link to that article is right here). There is no particular order in what you have to start first. So with that out of the way, here are the 6 things you should finally do while you’re stuck at home.



1. Meditate

  Meditation is one of the best ways to calm the mind and soul, especially for these times where all we hear are stress and fear all day. Meditation comes in many forms other than the first thing you probably thought of when I said the word “meditation”. You don’t have to be a monk or a priest to meditate. For some people, praying and bible study is their meditation. Others might have certain rituals, like Tony Robbins’ meditation rituals. Choose a way of meditation that’s comfortable for you. You can use something or someone to guide you, like the Calm App. They are not sponsoring, but I am just recommending them to you.

Fix Family Relations

2. Fix Family Relations

  You’re probably thinking, “Samuel I have the best relationship with my family. We always have time to be with each other, and now we’re more together than ever.” I’m mentioning this because just because you’re together physically doesn’t mean you’re together emotionally. What do I mean by this? I mean let’s be honest with ourselves, there are things you are hiding from your parents or they are hiding things from you. Maybe there are things you want to say but are too afraid to say it. Everyone holds back something, so now is the best time to say it instead of keeping it as a burden to yourself. Family is meant to support and not discourage, so for both children and parents, listen and be honest with each other. You can tell when the heart doesn’t match with the words coming out the lips, so be honest with each other.



3. Self-Educate

  Guys this is the best time to learn while you are stuck at home. I don’t mean online school either. I’m talking about learning new things you are interested in. Even better if the thing you want to learn can make you money. We always hear to invest in ourselves, and knowledge is the best way to do so. Finally learn that new language you wanted to learn, learn a new skill you wanted to have, learn anything that can benefit you now and even in the future.


4. Read

  This is in the context of self-education, but it’s big enough to have its point. Reading is really important when it comes to educating yourself. You can’t just read anything though. It’s best to read things that will help you gain some knowledge or understanding. Read different blogs or articles that have useful knowledge. Try to finish reading that book you always wanted to finish. If you have a hard time reading, then listen to an audiobook or educational podcasts.

  If you want to start a business, then I suggest checking out Chris Guillebeau. I’ll link to his two popular books where he teaches how to start a business and examples of people starting their businesses. First I would recommend The $100 Startup: Reinvent The Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future. He talks about startups with $100 and guides you through the process. Next would be Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days. This is the second book to the first one I recommended and here he talks more about starting something as a side hustle and eventually scaling it to a real business.

  Since we can’t go outside because of the quarantine, I suggest trying Kindle. It’s a platform where you can read millions of books or listen to millions of audiobooks. And you can download this app on any device to read or listen at any time you want. Best of all the first 30 days are free when you sign up through here. After the 30 days, it will cost $9.99, but you can always cancel it at any time. So sign up to Kindle here and try it for free.



5. Exercise

  This one is pretty much a no-brainer. I just had to mention it because there’s still a lot of people who aren’t doing it. The cool thing about exercise is that there are different things you can try. You can do exercises that work on strength, speed, endurance, flexibility, and much more. Just go to YouTube and search for guides on the type of exercise you want to try and just do it. Any physical activity is better than no physical activity at all.

Keep Track of What You’re Eating

6. Keep Track of What You’re Eating

  This is a really important one, especially if you haven’t done this yet. Having a healthy body is a mix of exercise and what food you are intaking. I won’t say diet because diets are only small solutions to a bigger problem. Healthy eating can’t only be a momentary diet, but a healthy eating lifestyle. Now I’m not necessarily saying eat only good and not bad because that’ll be too hard to do right off the bat.

I’m saying keep track of what you are eating, then gradually work your way to making healthier decisions. I suggest using an app like MyFitnessPal to track your food and study from people who know how to do it for you to learn yourself. You might find that food tracking can be complicated, but if you’re just starting then stick with the simple basics of it first and worry about the complicated stuff later.

  These are 6 things you should finally do while you’re stuck at home. Hopefully, you already started on some of these things, and/or now beginning to do these other things. Please share and comment on what you are currently doing in your quarantine, I’d love to read everything. Thank you for joining us today. If you want to learn 6 Methods to Finish Reading a Book, then click here to learn more. We have new articles every Friday, so follow us on Instagram to get notified of a new article. This is the BE Mindset, and remember to be alive, be happy, be free, be you.

3 Things To Do To Fight Fear

  Hello everyone, my name is Samuel Balaoro and welcome to the BE Mindset, a community for those who seek personal growth. If you are new here, then follow on Instagram, and thank you for joining us. This is a crazy time we’re living in. It’s barely three months into the year and people are thinking it’s the end of the world. Everyone is panicking, doing things without much thought, and much more. We are currently being controlled by fear.



  Fear is such a powerful emotion. Everyone has a fear of something. If it’s not something, then maybe someone. All people are afraid of something. Now I’m sure nobody wants to be controlled by fear, even though we still let it. So we will be talking about a major fear everyone has, and how to be free from it.



  There are many things we can be afraid of. There are different feelings we can fear like loneliness or depression. A majority of people fear death. I believe there is one major fear that is the root of most fears. That is the fear of the unknown, the fear of uncertainty. This fear holds us back physically, mentally, and spiritually. It delays us from doing or living the things we were destined to do.

  We can see this in the current time we’re living in. Everyone is panicking and preparing as if we might have a fallout or some kind of apocalyptic end to the human race. Most of this is happening because they don’t know what is going on. Now there’s nothing wrong with being safe and cautious, but make sure you know everything before you make your decision.



  Everyone is afraid of uncertainty and the land of the unknown. We as human beings don’t like to live with things we cannot control. We especially don’t like to live with things we do not know. So how can we fight this fear of uncertainty? Today, we will be talking about three ways to fight the fear of uncertainty.

1. Study and Research The Things You Can Know

1. Study and Research The Things You Can Know

  Like what I said earlier, know everything before you make your decision. Some unknown things can become known. That all comes to our research. Study it so you will understand what is going on and decide if you should be afraid of it. However, always check where you are getting your sources. Some researches out there may be opinionated, exaggerated, or not have the full information.

One of the best ways to study is to read books. Especially now while we’re at home, reading books should be part of our plan. Now if you don’t have a book or you can’t visit a local library, then Audible has a gift for you. Right now they have a gift membership where you’ll get:

  • 3 titles each month: 1 audiobook + 2 Audible Originals
  • 30% off any additional audiobooks
  • Free and easy audiobook exchanges
  • Listen anytime, anywhere with the free Audible app

If you want this and more, then click the link here and sign up with Audible today.

2. Prepare For Anything That May Come Your Way

2. Prepare For Anything That May Come Your Way

  There are some things you won’t be able to research or study. In these cases, it’s best to just prepare for it. I remembered when I used to live in California there was a belief that a huge earthquake will come and split California off of the rest of the United States. It’s because of this my parents prepared for it by buying water bottles, canned food, lighters and matches, and a portable radio. The same can be said now with our current time. Just remember to have good hygiene, wash your hands, eat healthy foods, and take whatever supplements you need to take.

3. Have Faith In What Tomorrow Brings

3. Have Faith In What Tomorrow Brings

  To have faith is to have complete confidence in someone or something.  I have this on the list because the reality is that we can’t prepare for everything. Some things are beyond our reach. The amazing thing about us as human beings is that we are a lot stronger than we look. We have the power of faith. This faith leads to hope, and from hope, it builds perseverance and the will to fight another day. Yes, this can be broken, but it all depends on the strength of your faith. Look at how deep your faith goes. We can do a separate article on this if you guys want to know how to strengthen your faith. Just follow us here and on Instagram.



  Everyone is afraid of someone or something. The root fears that branches out to a majority of these other fears is the fear of uncertainty and the unknown. It’s this fear that holds us back from doing the things we want to do. However, we do not need to let this overcome us. If we research, prepare, and have faith, we can fight this fear.

  Thank you for joining us today. If you fought the fear of uncertainty and want to move on, but you don’t know if you should follow your passion or purpose, read my last article based on this subject. Or if you finally want to tell your story, click here where we talk about the importance of storytelling. If you have any questions or would like to know more, follow here and on Instagram, I’ll be posting new articles every Friday. I am Samuel Balaoro, thank you for joining the BE Mindset community, and remember to be alive, be free, be happy, be you.

Should You Follow Your Passion & Purpose?

  Hello everyone, I am Samuel Balaoro and welcome to The BE Mindset. I remembered when I was younger I asked businessmen and entrepreneurs the things I should do when starting my own business. They all had similar and different answers, but the one thing none of them can agree on is whether or not to follow their passion. Another thing is that only some of them talk about following your purpose. So today we will be talking about the ideas of passion and purpose, along with whether or not we should follow it.


  Before we talk about whether or not we should follow our passion/purpose, let’s define what these words even mean. Passion means a strong liking or desire for or to some activity, object, or concept. For example, music might be your passion or sports because these are the things you give your time into. Purpose means the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. An example of this is like believing your purpose in life is to help people find ways to make their lives easier.

Difference Between Passion and Purpose

  Reading those two makes it seem similar to each other. The difference between the two is the reason. What do I mean by this? Passion is you, the person, giving that thing, idea, or activity reason and meaning. Purpose, on the other hand, gives the reason to you. So even though they have similar meanings, they can be separate from each other.

Should I Follow My Passion Or Purpose?

  Short answer: it depends. I think it’s great to follow your passion if it is aligned with your purpose. If you just try to follow your passion alone, you might not go far. But then again some people find their passion first before their purpose. So the best answer here is to self analyze your passion and find your purpose. Think of how far you can go with your passion. For example, if your passion is basketball and you’re dream is to be in the NBA, but you’re 5’2, it’s probably best to leave it as a dream.

  It’ll be better if you can find your purpose early on. Reflect on your life and see where it is leading you. It’s great if your purpose and passion are connected. Having them together will mean you will have the drive to accomplish it along with the universe working with you. It will not be easy to find your purpose, but you will know when it’s there because most likely it will come to you. Just open your eyes to see it happen in front of you.


  There’s always the question of following your passions or not. I think it’s okay to follow your passion if you can see yourself realistically living it, but you have to reflect a lot on yourself to know the truth. It’s even better if you have your passion aligned with your purpose. With your purpose guiding you in life, and your passion driving you to push through, it’ll make life easier for you to follow it in good and bad times. Thank you for joining us here. Follow us here, and if you have questions, please send us an email or DM on social media. I am Samuel Balaoro and remember to be alive, be free, be happy, be you.